Commercial Arbitration

With growing commerce, goods and services are being supplied under contract. Most of the time, these contracts have got arbitration clause. The disputes arising out of contracts having arbitration clause and even otherwise are referred to arbitrator. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 is the Act that regulates domestic arbitrations in India. Courts in India encourage arbitration as a preferred mode for settlement of commercial disputes. We have expertise in handling Engineering/commercial disputes. We act as arbitrator tribunal and we also argue before Arbitration Tribunal in Engineering/commercial arbitrations.

Further, a significant chunk of goods and services being supplied to government and larger enterprises are being supplied by submitting bids in response to tender. In the tendering process a large number of litigations are taking place occasioned by either change of tender conditions or favoritism or inaction of tendering authority or foul play on the part of competitor or rejection of samples or simply arbitrary rejection of bids. We handle tender related litigation in before high court as well as before arbitral tribunal.